Anonymous asked:
I know you're having money trouble. So you should do a bigcartel thing like Ashestoangels did for their new album. You're much too good of a band to lose!

We’re on the road at the moment so grab a ticket come down and buy a new 69er Tshirt - it promotes dead people racing and sexual positions that provide equivalent amounts of satisfaction. Thatll make us smile and help us out!

Anonymous asked:
I had a dream about you guys last night. Do you think it means I'm missing you guys?

Did we drive out to see las vegas?

it means come see us this tour ;D

u-n-i-m-a-g-i-n-e asked:
Do you plan on doing an American tour any time soon? I live near Charlotte NC and really wanna see you guys

We would love to come over to America, but unfortunately we’re still a small band in our own country, hopefully this will change one day and we can come and visit your wonderful country like the great tourists we are!

Until then please help us spread the word to all your friends which will help make it more and more possible to go out there!

Anonymous asked:
I hope there will be a tour diary for the Cabin Fever tour...

oh there will be, we have all ready started….

Anonymous asked:
What tour date are you most excited about?


Anonymous asked:
Rephrasing the question that included Matt ;) does Jake have twitter or does he need to enter the 21st century like Scott?

no he doesn’t though i think we may become a better band if our line up was like this

Anonymous asked:
How excited are you for tour?

This much

Anonymous asked:
Have you seen The one hundred's single cover for breed and does it remind you of anything ;) haha they're a sick band u should check them out btw

They have a good taste in skulls!