Anonymous asked:
I did a stupid and ordered merch a few days before you left for tour, will it be sent out when the tour has finished? There's no rush, I'm just wondering

as soon as we get home!

Anonymous asked:
I'm upset, no hometown show on this tour! Have you forgotten us?

We were invited to play a great tour - not involved in the booking, and Portsmouth was only half hour away ;)

Although i hear you should keep your late May free…..

joshmore asked:
if you do a scottish tour, i'll see if i have anyone who can help you find some new places?

We have friends up there from previous tours, so we’re already sorted. But thankyou dude!

darceyalice asked:
Come play in bishops Stortford pleaseeeeeee!

I definitely don’t even know where that is haha. Where dat?

Anonymous asked:
I have money... Do I save it and see you when you when you next tour (after the Cabin Fever tour) orrr do I buy merch?!

Merch would be more useful to us at the moment, since we put the money from that towards petrol / paying our crew.

It’s also worth noting that we never reprint our shirts or CD’s with the same design, as we like the Ltd Edition vibe. So if you miss out now, you’ll never get one haha.

However, the fact that you’re even going to watch us is enough for us, we’re always grateful to anyone that gives us their time. We probably owe you somethign if anything haha

So basically: either is good ;D

Anonymous asked:
Does anyone in the band have their own tumblrs?

i think.. all 5 of us?

Anonymous asked:
Yes! Please do a Scottish tour!

That would be awesome, favourite places to gig by farrrrr.

Anonymous asked:
I can't come see you guys this tour ;_; i have to wait till Summer/whenever your next tour is

Its soooooon ;D

Anonymous asked:
Will the new shirts be available online after this tour?

Any that are left, aye