Anonymous asked:
Did any of you go to music college?

we all went to music collage, it’s were we all first met :)

Anonymous asked:
Will you ever play History live again?

If we get a chance! We already have a certain quiet song in our set that might make it up to you…..

rock-music-and-vinyl-records asked:
Who designed the Phantom artwork? :)

Alan Herbert

Anonymous asked:
Please please please try and play Monmouth Festival next year??? <3

Request us - if you want us somewhere just ask the promoters or festival organisers, even if its just via their twitter!

Anonymous asked:
Do you guys have a set of CDs you listen to on tour?

we take turns putting iPods on - showing each other new stuff we’ve found and blasting some classics

Anonymous asked:
Have any of you seen American Horror story? thoughts?

Its great. but its not that horror

Anonymous asked:
how old are you guys?

OVER 9000

Anonymous asked:
Does Louie, the new member have a twitter account?

@deadislouis   - the other names were taken

Anonymous asked:
I haven't received my ticket and I ordered it two weeks ago, will I still get in?

yes :) we’ll have names on a list and please bring some sort of confirmation - simples!

50-shades-of-what-the-shit asked:
Saw you guys last night at Alfie Birds, very good!

Thankyou! hopefully we’ll be back in Birmingham soon :)